About : Ceramic Tiles sale - ceramic tile sale


Thursday, December 26, 2019

About : Ceramic Tiles sale

Ceramic Tiles sales is a consistently evolving innovative business model that spells high benefits to buyers of ceramic tiles from India and the world. It is a leading trading firm located at ceramic hub of India, namely Morbi.

Active since a decade, the company has built a strong reputation amongst manufacturers of tiles, traders of ceramic goods, exporters and importers of bathroom furniture and related industry sectors such as logistics, legal and procedural experts etc. The CEO, Mr. Manish Patel knows most of the top leaders in the ceramic industry by their first name.

With a well developed network and nurtured relationship amongst the top people in the industry, the company backs itself to get knowhow of best prices, dead stock, new product launches, turnaround technologies and innovative products ready to storm the market. Being well versed with the tricks of the trade, the company can get its buyers best deals, smart management of logistics and provide smooth buying experience.

Basic Business Model: An Unsatisfied need

Most industries are marred with imbalance created by lack of smart and reliable information on hand.  In the ceramic sector, on the one hand you have a number of buyers with dead stock, huge stock ready for quick sale, Seconds material, which is all available at a very cheap and reasonable rate.

On the other end, there are masses of buyers, dealers, retailers, project builders etc who are looking for such excellent price / products offerings. They have a hard time finding a good seller, while sellers have a hard time finding the right buyer.

This is an unsatisfied need of the industry that CTS seeks to meet professionally.  We keep a consistent first hand information of such goods for sale as well as such buyers who are eager to make a good deal. We strive to keep our information updated and verified to make sure the buyer gets what he has asked for in complete form as specified. At the same time, the seller gets the price for his stocks quality and meets his need of clearing stocks.

As a professional serving both the parties from searching for best deals and making them meet the best buyers to final delivery, we oversee the total process or any part of the process as desired by our clients.

Through this model, we will create a three way win-win situation where all the three entities make a better goodwill and a business relationship that lasts for years to come.


Creating profitable business opportunities for buyers and sellers in ceramic sector.

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